Any driver that plans on running at Red River Co-op Speedway at anytime in 2017, please complete the following … BEFORE COMING TO THE TRACK. (Even if you are only planning on racing once or twice or if you are sharing a car –
all drivers are individuals and each must register)


1) If you race in a WISSOTA sanctioned class, purchase your license online and save yourself money! WISSOTA will assign you a MRP card which serves as your 2017 license.


2) Red River Co-op Speedway 2017 online registration is now open. If you drive multiple classes complete a separate registration for each class. The link below will bring you directly to our registration.

This registration will ask you for your transponder number. PLEASE ENTER IT CAREFULLY.
Helpful hint: Take a picture of that transponder number and keep it in your phone or in your wallet for easy access! Or if you have your MRP card, write it on that! You may be asked to verify that number once at the track.

This online registration should be the same process for each track you will be racing at. Go to and search the directory for the track you are looking for. Canadian Tracks are listed on the bottom of each page.

3) When I receive your registration I will confirm it. You will receive an email. Follow the instructions to claim your profile if you haven’t already done so.

REMEMBER: PROFILES AND REGISTRATIONS ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. BOTH ARE FREE. Your “profile” is your own page on Myracepass where you can enter your sponsors and personal information that fans and sponsors would like to see. That page will automatically gather all your stats from all tracks you race at that are part of the Myracepass system.

4. X2 or FLEX TRANSPONDER SUBSCRIPTIONS: This year is the first year MYLAPS is requiring each of these be tied to a specific driver. It is important to make sure your subscription is up to date and you have an account with them. Visit Click on the menu at the top right of page. Click login, then go to your personal account. If you already have an account enter your email and password. If not select create new account. Select register transponder. It will then ask you for your transponder number. Download MYLAPS connect software then connect your transponder to your computer or place it in the cradle and connect to your computer. Follow the prompts. 1 year subscription is $159.81, 2 year subscription is 239.25 and 5 year subscription is $422.43. Keep in mind if you sell your car at any given time it is best to contact MYLAPS to see if the transponder can be transferred to the new buyer since it will be tied to your created account. If you have any questions or problems with the above process please call John Dains at 1-724-350-0130. He is also the contact person for any defective or damaged transponders. If your transponder does not register on our timing system we will tell you following hotlaps or the heat races. Transponders are mandatory at RRCS so if it’s not working you will be required to rent one. Remember, it is the drivers responsibility to maintain and charge their transponder so that it is in good working order.

5. Make sure your raceceiver’s are in good working condition and that you have plenty of batteries on hand. You can purchase new raceceivers at Pricing is $99.95.

Please don’t leave everything to the last minute. YOUR fans in the stands have paid to watch you race, let’s honour them and all do our part to keep our program running in a timely fashion.

If you have questions reach out and I’ll do what I can to help you!