Hello everyone!  The 2016 race season is winding down and we will soon be crowning our champions!
There are 3 race dates left on our schedule and now that it is September we want to remind everyone about the dates and times.

Before we get to that we just want to remind everyone that – ONLY TOW VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED IN THE PITS.
Drivers, please be sure to pass this along to any of your crew, friends, family or sponsors etc. who may not have been aware of this rule and ask that they abide by it.
From this date forward, all non-tow vehicles will be required to park outside the pits.  The only exceptions are those that have pre-approved passes.
Thanks so much for your co-operation!

Here is a rundown of days and times.  Please pay particular attention to draw cut off times.
If you are stuck in traffic and think you might be arriving late please call or text someone at the track and have them come and draw for you.
Or you can text Glenda (204) 791-6642
If any of you know of travellers or new drivers who may not have filled out a registration yet – please let them know a blank form can be found on our website.
Filling it out and emailing it to glenda@thespeedway.ca in advance is very helpful in keeping the process moving on race day.

* All shows and raindates have been registered with WISSOTA  and are point shows for the sanctioning body as well as RRCS Points.

2 Complete Shows

Both Days will be a Draw/Redraw Format

Friday Sept. 30, 2016
Back Gate Opens at 4:30
Draw Cut Off 6:00 pm
Front Gate Opens 6:00 pm
Racing Start at 7:00 pm

Saturday Oct. 1, 2016
Back Gate Opens at 2:00 pm
Pit Party 3:00 – 4:00 pm
DRAW CUT OFF 4:00 pm
Front Gate Opens 4:00 pm
Racing Starts at 5:00 pm

For those travelling:
The Comfort Inn
is located on the south side of Winnipeg, just inside the perimeter highway.
The address is 3109 Pembina Hwy and the phone # is : (204) 269-7390
The rate of $104.00  is available to you if you mention  Red River Co-op Speedway –  Code LSPEED

* A number of raindates have been put in place for this show.  If we rain out Friday that show will move to Saturday and Saturdays’ will move to Sunday.
* If the entire weekend rains out then everything will move to the following weekend.